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    Home wooden floor, accidentally soaked in water, then will cause many side effects. For wood floors soaked sudden event, how should we deal with, to the wooden floor, minimizing damage to a program:? With high-power vacuum suction.To adapt to conditions: a straight paved way to a small area of water the solid wood flooring. Treatment: If the water in a very short time to discover the phenomenon of available high-power vacuum cleaner to suck out moisture.
    However, if a large area of water necessary to pry the whole floor, according to a second program dry. And if the indoor moisture is large, if the conditions can install a dehumidifier in the room, in a short time the indoor moisture drained, but the operation of the program need to have the floor dry recognition technology. Option Two: Remove the baseboard, apply conditions: Laminate flooring soaked, treatment options: whether it is large or small area of water soaked in water, are not recommended to strengthen the floor pry dry, so easy to damage the laminate flooring , it is likely to cause serious consequences can not be used again.
    The best floor surface water quickly drained, and then remove the baseboard floor, exposed joints, expansion joints against water vapor distributing finished, but depending on the size of the amount of water, drying up usually takes about seven to fifteen days, the quality better or soaking time is not long products can be self-healing, if fifteen days later still not recovered should consider re-replacement. Option Three: the wood floor to pry "well" type stacked dry, apply conditions: after soaked pry floor treatment options: For soaked the floor, in the case try to keep the floor dry without distortion to crucial. After the floor surface water can be dry, press the "well" type superimposed display, to prevent the occurrence of deformation of the weight of its laminated generated when placing pay attention to the back of the floor up to prevent rapid drying caused by surface dry, while paying attention not on the sun exposure, it should be placed in ventilated place to dry, under normal circumstances it can be used again for better quality in terms of solid wood and multilayer wood.
    In addition, water leakage should occur at the time of the first notification service at the floor, the floor staff will combine their own conditions to the owners to provide the best solution.Scenario four: one side leakage, both sides adapt to pry ventilation conditions: plus keel, solid wood flooring small area of flooding, treatment options: a small area to detect the water, the ground may be dealing with a clean, pry the board, the wet floor reinstall dry; if slightly into the water, not only to pry board leaks, it should also set up along the keel row direction across the board will also pry away moisture so that the internal air circulation. If you can not determine the size of the amount of water, preferably by the flow of water in turn to pry board view humid conditions, foolproof. Such as after flood damage without being processed or handled properly, it resulted in the normal air-dried wood may also cause mold, even cracking the case. So the wood floor soaked in water to make as soon as possible.
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